Every Tuesday at 9am CST - Tue 3:00 PM (UTC), we host discussions about tech, publishing and energy.

008 - Qiware 008: the permaweb, Verto and the Arweave ecosystem
Tue Apr 13 2021

Hosts: @christopheradam -@kidproto -@clemsos

Invitees: @TateBerenbaum

Tate Berenbaum is the founder of Verto exchange protocol for Arweave. We will discuss new incentives for long term storage and the creation of the permaweb.

007 - "UNLOCKED: Memories of Wuhan" NFT book drop
Tue Apr 06 2021

Hosts: @christopheradam -@kidproto -@clemsos

Invitees: @dinobot__

We will discuss the release of UNLOCKED: Memories of Wuhan as NFT and its implication for printing, shared publishing rights and book distribution in general.

006 - Rafael Lima from Hic et Nunc
Tue Mar 30 2021

Hosts: @christopheradam -@kidproto -@clemsos

Invitees: @crzypatchwork

Following the discussions on eco-NFTs in the last weeks, was launched on March 1st. Relying on lPos chain Tezos, the platform makes NFT affordable and more than 10k artworks have already be minted in less than a month. Artists have been joining in mass and the platform is updated daily with new features and improvements.

We will discuss what is happening on Hic et Nunc with one of its founder Rafael Lima.

005 - Artist Sterling Crispin on NFT
Tue Mar 23 2021

Hosts: @christopheradam -@kidproto -@clemsos

Invitees: @sterlingcrispin

Make sure to ead Sterling's blog post NFTs and Crypto Art: The Sky is not Falling about the eco-NFT controversy.

Also some interesting NFT concepts he created - see the page on Foundation

His website:

004 - NFTs and museums
Tue Mar 16 2021

The experience of "going" to museums has already been radically transformed by the availibitily of digital copies of original artworks. An initiative (scam?) called Global Art Museum has started to offer some of the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum's Collection as NFTs, without even consulting them.

Paul Keller from Creative Commons Nedeerlands will join us to discuss how museums have apprehended the circulation of new digital forms of art, and how they can position themselves on the nascent NFT scene.

Read a twitter thread about the GAM scam.
Their (now hacked) page on Opensea.

003 - All the Color in the World - NFT at MOCA Taipei
Tue Mar 09 2021

Hosts: @kidproto -@clemsos

Invitees: @christopheradam

A limited edition series by Christopher Adams and Jun Yang. Three digital images to accompany the exhibition The Artist, his Collaborators, their Exhibition, and three Venues, which runs at MOCA Taipei from 2021/02/06 to 2021/03/31.

See on Opensea.

002 - ERCs, limited supplies and other publishing standards for NFTs
Tue Mar 02 2021

Hosts: @kidproto -@clemsos -@christopheradam

Contract reviews and technical discusions about different approaches to minting using ERC1155 and ERC721 on Ethereum chain - and what that means for publishers, buyers and readers.

Check the docs on ERC1155 or these pull requests for some context.

001 - Scale - work in progress
Tue Feb 23 2021

Hosts: @christopheradam -@kidproto -@clemsos

Invitees: @telerabies

A preliminary discussion about the publication as NFT of the next Scale issue titled (UN)LOCKED: Memories of Wuhan, and more reflections about how NF can be used to support creative workers.