Qi Hardware Now Qiware

Originally when we started Qi Hardware, there was a massive distance between software and hardware. Open Source meant software and Open Hardware did not exist at all. The ideas ccame from Steven Mosher, now the head of sales at Canaan Creative, recently listed on the NASDAQ, and famous for founding ASIC Bitcoin Mining. At the time, “Steve,” the inventor of the MP3-player product (yes!), was head of sales at a startup called, Openmoko. After that project wrapped up, a kernel of the original team created a company and concept called Qi Hardware. That project resulted in the Ben Nanonote and the Milkymist, the core technology and software toolchain for the first Bitcoin miner, the Canaan AvalonMiner.

Since the first meeting at Eyebeam of notable software and hardware interested people from Raspberry Pi, Creative Commons and Bunnie, 10 years has passed. And, now how many Raspberry Pi do you own? Shenzhen is real. Android won the smartphone marketshare.

The distinction between hardware and software is blurred. There are many more stories to tell as well from Openmoko to Qi Hardware to Canaan to Cryptology in Shenzhen to build Matt Hope’s “Miner Arch” from 40 Canaan AvalonMiners, theres a big empty space of stories untold and unwritten.

Now with Clement Renaud on-board as the Executive Director, his own book REALTIME launched, and future events and “products” on the horizon, now feels like a good time to make a change.

Effective immediately, Qi Hardware is now Qiware.

Qi is the energy that flows between all things. Even a ROCK has Qi. Qi is not just a wireless standard named after Qi Hardware. It is a concept. Ware is homage to that which is both hard and soft, or a house full of wares.

You get the point. Evolve with knowledge or return to the caves. We choose to go forward into the light, to build knowledge not just rehash some other companies plans or be on the part of a map you do not hold. Make your own map.

Welcome to the New Qiware based in Shenzhen. As part of this, Scale is now folded into Qi Hardware as a product. And, Cryptology is our annual event, already announced for next year, 2021. What is next? Feel the Knowledge.

Happy Chinese New Year to All! Keeeeeep Going, as Willpower the Great States and go see his show if you are in Berlin and pickup some of his art!

  • Jon Phillips

Cryptology 2020 Output

You heard about Cryptology2020. You participated in Cryptology2020, right? If not, no worries, we have an announcement at the end of this post

This is the official document that we generated in a realtime chat instance, all written in markdown and serves as a template for future events. Cryptology in the end, was about recharge.

Read on!

Cryptology: Private Workshop & Public Art Exhibition

Sat Jan 4 & Sun Jan 5 (schedule below)

A private workshop to make the public art exhibition, Cryptology.

A 10 Year Renewal of Qi Hardware constructed through a 2 day private workshop on zerowaste nature technology and the new energy culture.



  • Health
  • Energy Practices
  • Nature
  • Zerowaste
  • natural capital accounting
  • Growing plants and products and people :)

Ground Rules

Beginning of a Code of Conduct

  • This is a BYOE event, meaning Bring Your Own ENERGY :)
  • This is not a conference, unconference, or a summit.
  • The number one rule is to be happy.
  • Be generous. Share.
  • You get what you give.
  • This is an active event, focused on doing. The final results are shown on the final day, as a public exhibition.
  • Participation in the private 2 days of building is capped at 88 people.
  • The public event is open to the public.
  • This is a prototype for a future event, to be done annually :)
  • ALL AGES, towards a FAMILY EVENT, in the future.
  • Non-scammer only. Dark energists are BLOCKED from attending.
  • Just keep growing!
  • From old accounting towards natural capital accounting
  • Growing plants and products, and people :)



Baoan District, Gushu Train Stop will Get you Close. It is one stop past the Shenzhen Airport stop on the green line.

宝安区 •悟桐岛 •4B栋3F 地址:深圳市宝山区航空路与顺昌路交叉口 地铁:1号线固戍站 - Subway Line 1 to Gushu 网站:www.wutongdao.cn Open Street Map

Baoan Village is arguably the most ancient denomination of Shenzhen. Baoan is also home to hundreds of companies that design and manufacture. As of today, 80-90% of BTC miners on Earth are made in Baoan district.


Taihua Wutong Hotel: Asian-themed hotel on-site and we have a deal for 288 rmb per night for it.



  • 1000 Get the Keys for the QiSpace
  • 1100 Pick-up 40 miners (imakerbase) and transport to QiSpace
  • 1230 Lunch
  • 1300 Installation Preparation
  • 1800 Day Ends


  • 0930 Arrival / DIY Coffee / Tea-Making
  • 1000 Foreword, Clément Renaud
  • 1015 Cryptology101, Jon Phillips
  • 1030 Present Yourself (Mixed language) (Jon Leads)
  • 1200 Lunch IN LUNCH HALL
  • 1300 SPEED or CHILL: Coffee (or) Yoga + Qi Session (Led by Yoga Instructor)
  • 1400 Projects Begin (Led by each project lead)
  • 1800 Day End Social Drink (Led by Christopher Adams :)
  • 1800 Cooking (Led by Clement)


  • 0930 SPEED or CHILL: Coffee (or) Yoga + Qi Session (Led by Yoga Instructor)
  • 1000 Continue Projects (Led by respective leaders)
  • 1100 Cooking workshop (QUESTION: ALL people or 4 people in kitchen needed?) (Led by Clement)
  • 1200 Lunch
  • 1300 Final Installation & Preparation
  • 1400 Cryptology Opening, Clément / Jon
  • 1430 Sponsors & Partners Talk (Also an Installation) (Led by Clement)
  • 1500 Exhibition Tour + Presentation by Artists (Led by Clement)
  • 1600 Casual Drink and Discussion (ALL + Cheers) (Group discussion, Remember to RECORD)
  • 1800 Day End
  • 1800 Cleanup / Wrap / Return Space to Original State (ALL)


  • Inserted here, but redacted for privacy.


Miner Arch, Matt Hope

  • 40 Bitcoin Miners, collectively arranged into an arch

Plants and Computers, JP Renaud

  • Plants and Electronics in Bao’an arranged into installations.
  • iPhone 5 + Plants + Story

Textile Lab, Qu Hongyan

History of Crypto-mining, Jon Phillips & Qin Fengling

Canaan Fantasy 01 with Boxes

Canaan Fantasy 02 with Plastic

Milkymist Installation, loaned by Christopher Adams


  • Clement Renaud (Executive Director)
  • Yuan Renaud (Operations)
  • Jon Phillips (Creative Direction)
  • Qin Fengling (Developer/Sponsor)
  • Matt Hope (Artist)
  • Christopher Adams (Artist/Developer)
  • JP Renaud (Artist)

Initial Questions

  • What do you want to know about energy, nature and technology?
  • What do you know about crypto? mining? Shenzhen? Manufacturing?
  • What do you want to get out of the event?
  • What would you like from Qi Hardware?
  • How will you make the event stronger?


We all decided after two days of working, that it was not working if it recharges you. So we decided this event is not a retreat or conference, but a RECHARGE, both creatively and spirtually and mentally.

We announce today that Cryptology2021 is in Shenzhen January 8, 9, 10 in 2021.

A larger writing on cryptology and history of mining is coming.

Feedback? Then email us: [email protected]

Welcome our New Executive Director

Today Qi is announcing one thing.

Clement Renaud is now based in Shenzhen China and is the Executive Director of Qi Hardware.

From Clement’s website:

He develops projects and initiatives between Europe and Asia with private clients and scientific institutions (EPFL, Nanjing University, ENS de Lyon, etc.). His works have been featured in museums, galleries, magazines, books and peer-review journals in several countries and languages. His latest book REALTIME: Making Digital China is available at EPFL Press.

And for our Chinese friends:

他与私人客户和科研机构(EPFL,南京大学,ENS de Lyon等)一起在欧洲和亚洲之间开发项目和计划。 他的作品曾在多个国家和语言的博物馆,美术馆,杂志,书籍和同行评审期刊中展出。 他的最新著作《实时:使中国数字化》可在EPFL出版社获得。

Clement launched his book REALTIME MAKING DIGITAL CHINA and successfully created the template event, CRYPTOLOGY that will be repeated annually.

Qi continues to accelerate. Are you involved? [email protected]

Cryptology 2020 in Shenzhen

Cryptology2020 is a 2 day event exploring energy, nature and technology in Shenzhen. Be there to participate.

Scale Week 20 六 liù Released

Scale Week 20 六 liù Released Fri, May 31, 2019

Scale Week 20 六 liù answers 40 questions. Zerowaste Energist Information Management (ZEIM) is cracked in the writing, Energy Streams. Scale 20 places secret information in plane view. Can you handle the realidad?

Download now at scale.qihardware.org