Welcome our New Executive Director

Today Qi is announcing one thing.

Clement Renaud is now based in Shenzhen China and is the Executive Director of Qi Hardware.

From Clement's website:

He develops projects and initiatives between Europe and Asia with private clients and scientific institutions (EPFL, Nanjing University, ENS de Lyon, etc.). His works have been featured in museums, galleries, magazines, books and peer-review journals in several countries and languages. His latest book REALTIME: Making Digital China is available at EPFL Press.

And for our Chinese friends:

他与私人客户和科研机构(EPFL,南京大学,ENS de Lyon等)一起在欧洲和亚洲之间开发项目和计划。 他的作品曾在多个国家和语言的博物馆,美术馆,杂志,书籍和同行评审期刊中展出。 他的最新著作《实时:使中国数字化》可在EPFL出版社获得。

Clement launched his book REALTIME MAKING DIGITAL CHINA and successfully created the template event, CRYPTOLOGY that will be repeated annually.

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