Qi Hardware Now Qiware

Originally when we started Qi Hardware, there was a massive distance between software and hardware. Open Source meant software and Open Hardware did not exist at all. The ideas ccame from Steven Mosher, now the head of sales at Canaan Creative, recently listed on the NASDAQ, and famous for founding ASIC Bitcoin Mining. At the time, "Steve," the inventor of the MP3-player product (yes!), was head of sales at a startup called, Openmoko. After that project wrapped up, a kernel of the original team created a company and concept called Qi Hardware. That project resulted in the Ben Nanonote and the Milkymist, the core technology and software toolchain for the first Bitcoin miner, the Canaan AvalonMiner.

Since the first meeting at Eyebeam of notable software and hardware interested people from Raspberry Pi, Creative Commons and Bunnie, 10 years has passed. And, now how many Raspberry Pi do you own? Shenzhen is real. Android won the smartphone marketshare.

The distinction between hardware and software is blurred. There are many more stories to tell as well from Openmoko to Qi Hardware to Canaan to Cryptology in Shenzhen to build Matt Hope's "Miner Arch" from 40 Canaan AvalonMiners, theres a big empty space of stories untold and unwritten.

Now with Clement Renaud on-board as the Executive Director, his own book REALTIME launched, and future events and "products" on the horizon, now feels like a good time to make a change.

Effective immediately, Qi Hardware is now Qiware.

Qi is the energy that flows between all things. Even a ROCK has Qi. Qi is not just a wireless standard named after Qi Hardware. It is a concept. Ware is homage to that which is both hard and soft, or a house full of wares.

You get the point. Evolve with knowledge or return to the caves. We choose to go forward into the light, to build knowledge not just rehash some other companies plans or be on the part of a map you do not hold. Make your own map.

Welcome to the New Qiware based in Shenzhen. As part of this, Scale is now folded into Qi Hardware as a product. And, Cryptology is our annual event, already announced for next year, 2021. What is next? Feel the Knowledge.

Happy Chinese New Year to All! Keeeeeep Going, as Willpower the Great states and go see his show if you are in Berlin and pickup some of his art!

  • Jon Phillips