UNLOCKED: Memories of Wuhan - release

UNLOCKED: Memories of Wuhan has just been released as a digital-first book by SCALE Publishing.

(Un)Locked: Memories of Wuhan is a collection of essays, poetry, fiction, photography, and drawings about life in Wuhan before and during the early days of the Covid19 pandemic.

UNLOCKED: Memories of Wuhan

Digital publishing

The PDF version has been compiled using Pandoc, Latex and custom scripts. The file can be printed directly (using B5 paper) and assembled into a book - we like to use Chinese traditional stab binding for that.

This is arguably the first history book about Covid in Wuhan. It exists so we can feel what happened there through actual human voices, shield from the giant media distortion. This is also why we decided to store it on a blockchain, so there may be a trace left.

Limited editions of that file have also been published as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Token holders can:

  • create derivatives of the work (printed editions, translations, etc)
  • transfer or sell the token with these additions
  • issue new tokens based on the derivatives

This experiment aims at helping creators to get signed into their work, and support new ways of writing with machines.

How to collect the NFT

To collect the NFT you need:

  • a Tezos wallet - you can create one in 2 clicks with Kukai using your Twitter account
  • some Tezos (XTZ) - you can buy some online

Once you have both, head to Hic et Nunc and click on collect.

The first batch of 25 tokens is available at 4 XTZ (approx. 20 USD). The price may change after.


More about the book