Qi Hardware: a timeline

Qi Hardware: a brief timeline

This is a work in progress and a project at cryptology.

The Milkymist One (cc)

  • Open Source movement
  • Creative Commons and Free Culture movements
  • Openmoko: First Open Source Cellphone
  • Qi Hardware born
  • Qi Ben Nanonote
  • Milkymist, the video mixer, fpga chip
  • Milkymist, the first fpga bitcoin Miner
  • Qi Hardware Goes Read-Only
  • Canaan AvalonMiner 1st ASIC Miner born
  • Canaan Continues AvalonMiner 2..9xx Series of Bitcoin Miners
  • Bitmain makes Bitcoin miner, Uses Canaan Open Source
  • Poex Born, Proof of Existence codebase open sourced
  • Linzhi Founded to make Ethereum ASICs
  • Qi Hardware 10 years strong and back!

Read more about Qi Hardware's legacy online, or check the Wikipedia page and our previous website.